South River Fire Department

South River Fire Department

The South River Fire Department provides emergency services, firefighting and response capabilities in the city of Boston. They are responsible for maintaining the community’s quality of life and safeguarding its assets against fire, and providing support to local government organizations and private contractors.

The South River Fire Department was formed in 1884 and is one of the oldest active departments in the nation. They have served the city of Boston with compassion and professional expertise since then.

The department is housed in the rear of the South End Boston Fire Station, but the office of the South River Fire Department’s Acting Chief and District Chiefs is located at the former South End location. The South End Boston Fire Station is also used as a staging area by the Hynes Convention Center.

Currently, the South River Fire Department is composed of twenty-five firefighters, including nine Engine Companies and eight Ladder Companies. There are five specialized units, including Rescue Squad 1, Ladder Co. 10, Ladder Co. 11, Rescue Squad 2, Ladder Co. 3, and Rescue Squad 4.

While the office is currently located in the old South End Boston Fire Station, the Department has twenty-two emergency personnel serving the twenty-sixth most populous city in America. There are sixteen EMS units, which includes EMS, EMT, and Fire department ambulances.

The ambulance company is staffed by nine Paramedics and two Paramedical Nurses. There are also four Ambulance Officers and four Assistant Paramedics.

There are also fourteen employees who serve as Safety Officers for the South River Fire Department. They include Safety Inspector, Safety Manager, Safety Officer, Manager of Safety, and Fire Safety Administrator.

The most important element of the Department is the Emergency Medical Services. This consists of:

The Department is also responsible for responding to emergencies within the surrounding communities, including fires in other buildings or structures, and public gatherings and celebrations within the city of Boston. This includes:

In addition, the Department also responds to calls for help from Massachusetts and local ambulance services. Such areas include; Brockton, Brookline, Newton, Boston, Fall River, Bedford, Malden, Lowell, Easthampton, Waltham, and Natick.

There are also four ambulatory physicians who are members of the South River Fire Department and render emergency care within the City of Boston. These are:

The South River Fire Department is a wonderful entity that serves the public by providing quality service and ensuring that Boston’s neighborhoods are safe. And as an added bonus, they’re also very popular.